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Shipping is the vital link between the growing economies of North America and Asia. Equally, the aspirations of millions of people are dependent on the wealth generated by, and distributed through, the supply chains of global trade.

However, we recognize that many British Columbians desire to be better informed when it comes to the management and safety of shipping in the coastal waters of British Columbia. The objective of this site is therefore to provide professionally informed and objective information to which all Canadians deserve to have access. All information within this site has been presented, endorsed and recognized by experts in their field, free from promoting any agenda.

New measures announced to strengthen oil spill prevention, preparedness and response, and the polluter pay principle.

The Government of Canada announced in May 2014 new measures that, once implemented, will achieve a world-class tanker safety system in Canada. These measures build on recommendations from the Tanker Safety Expert Panel and other studies, and have been informed by engagement with provincial governments, aboriginal groups, marine stakeholders and internal analysis by federal departments and agencies. The primary areas of focus are:

  • Modernization of Canada’s Coastal Navigation System including expanded use of e-navigation
  • Ensuring the capability and capacity to responding to spills quickly and effectively
  • Area Response Planning
  • Building Marine Safety Capacity in Aboriginal Communities
  • Alternative Response Measures
  • Liability and Compensation: Ensuring that polluters are held responsible for the cost of a clean-up, not the taxpayer

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